The abrasive waterjet cuts materials from 1.58mm to 200mm thick. Tolerances of the typical part range between 0.08 mm and 0.1 mm, although tolerances close to 0.03 mm can be achieved. Whether you are cutting titanium, tool steel or other material, waterjet technology is versatile enough and very successful.

Composite materials, ceramics and plastics

By using conventional methods of processing composite materials (hand diamonds, carbide guides, cutting saws, etc.), taking into account the composition and orientation of the fibers of advanced composites, the edges themselves are damaged due to heating.

Stone, tiles (paneling) and glass

With Waterjet technology, we can cut any stone or tile (paneling), without changing tools. Whether you are cutting granite, marble, limestone, flooring material, porcelain, ceramic tiles, glass or metal, the waterjet allows for a very complex design at high speed without damage.

Cutting in Beos Inox

The advantage of cutting in Beos Inox with WaterJet technology over the competition is cutting with 2 heads.

The machine we use for cutting comes from the latest series of the renowned Czech manufacturer of material cutting machines marked WJ420-2Z-SJ-2.

Working dimensions of the table: 4mx2m

Maximum material thickness 200mm

Maximum material thickness 200mm

BEOS Waterjet

Modern CAM software allows you to choose the quality of the cut for each segment even within one element, which enables better optimization of both quality and price, while NEST software takes care of the maximum utilization of materials with a minimum of waste.