Materials for Welding

Coil welding wire: 308 Lsi, W19 9 Lsi

  • Austenitic wire finely wound, thread to thread in coil.
    For MIG welding::
    AISI 308 LSi Ø 1mm
    AISI 308 LSi Ø 0,8mm
  • Austenitic Stainless Steel Round Bar for TIG welding.
    Low carbon content provides resistance to intercrystalline corrosion,while elevated silicon content improves welding properties.
    AISI 308 LSi Ø1x1000mm
    AISI 308 LSi Ø1,6x1000mm
  • AISI 308 LSi Ø1,6x1000mm Elektrodes
    Sheathed for Arc Welding
    E 308-17, 19 9 LR, 308L / MVR
    Weld cleaning paste - Water Based Wood Stain Paste for bleaching welds.

Č.4174,AISI 430,X6Cr17, W.Nr. 1.4016

According to the requirements and dimensions you need, we can make shapes as L or U.